WHO Research and Development Blueprint. Evaluation of Ideas for Potential Platforms to Support Development and Production of Health Technologies for Priority Infectious Diseases with Epidemic Potential. August 2016
(2016; 36 pages)


On 21 July 2016, a 2nd Technical Workshop on R&D platform technologies was convened at the World Health Organization (WHO) headquarters in Geneva with the goal of presenting the 6 most meritorious proposals emerging from the WHO public consultation on platform technologies, for consideration by interested WHO Member States and relevant R&D funders.

Launched by WHO in October 2015, this public consultation is one activity within the WHO Research and Development (R&D) Blueprint, a global effort pioneered by WHO to increase R&D preparedness for future epidemics.

The focus of this 2nd technical workshop was on having concise technical presentations of the six final proposals while fostering an enabling environment for bilateral and/or multilateral discussions around potential future collaborations and/or support, between proponents and interested WHO members states and other organizations which fund R&D.

After a brief overview of the WHO R&D Blueprint, information was provided on the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovation (CEPI); and following a summary of the public consultation process since its launch, the six finalists (3 vaccines, 1 diagnostics, 1 immunotherapy, 1 covering all product streams) presented their ideas in open sessions.

The topics covered during the workshop included:

  • Long term affordability, global access and intellectual property of proposed platform technologies
  • Data transparency, social responsibility and the feasibility of the “no profit/ no loss” principle for the selected platforms and meaningful participation by entities in LMICs
  • Linkages with other platforms technologies and availability to collaborate using technologies owned by another party
  • Projected costs
  • Engagement of the regulators and the role of WHO in the area of national regulatory authorities support
  • Alignment of CEPI with the WHO Blueprint.
  • The principle of “no profit/ no loss” and social responsibility and the subsequent approach of offering products at no cost to populations in need was agreed to be guiding the philosophy of the majority of the presenting groups, with the exception of those entities which, due to their structure and turnover, pointed to the fact that they needed to balance this principle with the requirement to be a sustainable and profitable business. As a follow-up to the process, WHO proactively engaged potential funders in order to advance funding for the most promising ideas.

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