Safety of Medicines in Sierra Leone - A Guide for Detecting and Reporting Adverse Drug Reactions - Why Health Professionals Need to Act?
(2005; 19 pages)


Modern medicines/drugs have brought significant benefits to our lives offering reduction in morbidity and mortality due to disease. It is also apparent that the improving health status of an in-creasing number of the Sierra Leone an population can be attributed to medicines. However, even though medicines are generally seen as beneficial, all medications including the excipients (additives e.g. preservatives, colouring agents lubricants etc.) in medicines are capable of producing adverse or unwanted effects.

In order to effectively safeguard the health of Sierra Leoneans, the Pharmacy board of Sierra Leone (PBSL) is at the forefront of activities designed to ensure that all medicines used in Sierra Leone are safe, efficacious and of good quality. Furthermore, the Board has been crusading against fake and substandard pharmaceuticals and is leading the fight against counterfeiting of all regulated products.

The risk of Adverse Drug Reactions (ASR's) is one probable consequence of the use of medicines. Almost all drugs, no matter how skilfully used, may cause adverse reactions. Although the occurrence of some adverse drug reactions are not predictable, the chance or occurrence of several adverse drugs reactions can often be reduced by sufficient knowledge of the conditions under and disseminated through an efficient and effective Pharmacovigilance system. Nevertheless, the possibility of preventing ADR's underscores the need for a Pharmacovigilance system to monitor ADR’s and other drug-induced problems.

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