Human Resources for Medical Devices, the Role of Biomedical Engineers. (WHO Medical Device Technical Series)
(2017; 240 pages)


The first documents in the Medical device technical series were written by international experts in their respective fields, and reviewed by members of the Technical Advisory Group on Health Technology (TAGHT). The TAGHT was established in 2009 to provide a forum for both experienced professionals and country representatives to develop and implement the appropriate tools and documents to meet the objectives of the Global Initiative on Health Technologies (GIHT). The group met on three occasions.

The first meeting was held in Geneva in April 2009 to prioritize which tools and topics most required updating or developing. A second meeting was held in Rio de Janeiro in November 2009 to share progress on the health technology management tools under development since April 2009, to review the current challenges and strategies facing the pilot countries, and to hold an interactive session for the group to present proposals for new tools, based on information gathered from the earlier presentations and discussions.

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