Baseline Country Survey on Medical Devices. 2010
(2011; 308 pages)


The baseline country survey on medical devices was launched in February 2010 by the WHO Department of Essential Health Technologies.

The main objectives of the survey were to determine the key areas which require support for the development or improvement of health technology programmes in countries and regions; and to share knowledge and resources among the participating countries facilitating decision making on a national, regional and global level.

The results of the baseline country survey on medical devices 2010 inform on the availability of specific medical devices, guidelines, standards and services for the assessment, management and regulation of medical devices in Member States and Associate Members.

Included in this first edition is the response of 145 Members States that was received in the period between March and December 2010.

The information has been processed into a comprehensive database and is displayed in country profiles and maps reflecting the global status quo.

To facilitate exchange between countries and communication among relevant stakeholders in general, the country profiles include contact details of focal points and national institutions responsible for health technology management.

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