MP Government Drug Policy 2009. Madhya Pradesh State - India
(2009; 23 pages)


After seeing the shortcomings of Drug Policy 2006 and problems faced in its implementation, it was decided to go for decentralization again. The meetings were held at various levels with district, division and state level officials and finally it was proposed to go for decentralized drug policy again so that district level procurement could be done as per their requirements, procured items could be inspected for its quality and payments released in time. Keeping this in mind the Drug Policy 2009 was proposed.

-To provide quality drugs & medicines at the right time to all patients in the health institutions in the state.

-To ensure proper utilization of Drugs/goods/equipments in all health institutions of the state.

-For simplification of procurement procedure for advanced and modern equipments in the medical and health institutions.

The procurement of Drugs would be based on Revised Fast Moving Essential Drug List. The fast moving essential drug list would be evaluated by the technical committee at state level every 2 years and revised.

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