EU/ACP/WHO Renewed Partnership : Strengthening pharmaceutical systems and improving access to quality medicines - Ethiopia, 2012–2016
(2016; 8 pages)


The Ethiopian segment of the Renewed Partnership kicked off in 2012 under the leadership of the Ministry of Health, with WHO technical, practical and monitoring support.

The programme has focused on the implementation of medicines policies and drug regulations, and the adoption of best practices. It is designed to promote a stronger pharmaceutical sector to increase access to quality medicines. The Partnership’s five areas of focus where results can be measured are:

  • Increased availability of essential medicines in national, regional and community health facilities through national supply systems.
  • Improved quality and safety of medicines and reduced substandard and counterfeit medicines.
  • Lower prices and improved mechanisms for financing and for coverage of essential medicines in social protection schemes.
  • Better medicines selection, prescribing, dispensing and use.
  • More effective implementation of policies, transparency and good governance in the pharmaceutical sector.
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