WHA69.25 - Addressing the Global Shortage of Medicines and Vaccines. WHA Resolution; Sixty-ninth World Health Assembly, 2016
(2016; 3 pages) [Arabic] [Chinese] [French] [Russian] [Spanish]


REQUESTS the Director-General:

  1. to develop technical definitions, as needed, for medicines and vaccines shortages and stockouts, taking due account of access and affordability in consultation with Member State experts in keeping with WHO-established processes, and to submit a report on the definitions to the Seventieth World Health Assembly, through the Executive Board;
  2. to develop an assessment of the magnitude and nature of the problem of shortages of medicines and vaccines;
  3. to support Member States in addressing the global challenges of medicines and vaccines shortages by developing a global medicine shortage notification system that would include information to better detect and understand the causes of medicines shortages;
  4. to report on progress on, and outcomes of, the implementation of this resolution to the Seventy-first World Health Assembly.
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