Emergency Medicines List (EML). First Edition, November 2014 - Ethiopia
(2014; 42 pages)


In the light of the latest development in the fields of medicine and pharmacy and the revised national medicine list of Ethiopia, in addition considering the disease pattern of the community this Emergency Medicine List is prepared for primary level clinic, medium clinic and specialty clinic who are not allowed to have pharmacy unit as per the national minimum standard. The prepared emergency list consists two parts, the first part contain commonly prescribed list of emergency medicine. And the second part of EML classified emergency medicines to different health institutions. Therefore health institutions should refer the sub-list which is relevant to the service they render.

The list of emergency medicine has been developed though various consultative meeting and workshops with concerned health professionals and institutions. The medicines in the list should be administered to emergency patients only treated in the health institutions, purchased from legal medicine retail outlets on the basis of prescription paper and legal receipt. The stock that should be handled and hoarding of such medicine is prohibited. In addition each medicine administered to emergency patient should be registered in emergency medicine administration registration book.

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