Ethiopian Medicines Formulary. Second Edition, 2013
(2013; 1032 pages)


An independent and up-to-date medicines information is essentail for the safe and effective use of medicinces. In the absence of such information resource, promotion of rational use of medicines is at stake, which eventually harm the health of indivuduals and affect the overall healthcare delivery system.

Recognising this unmet need on medicines information, the Ethiopian Food, Medicine and Healthcare Administration and Control Authority (EFMHACA) has been striving to develop and make accessible medicines information materials including, medicines formularies and standard treatment guidelines, good prescribing and dispensing manuals, leaflets/posters in various issues, bulletins, and others both in print copies and also availing them in its website The EMF aims to provide unbiased and up-to-date information on medicines. And it targets all health professionals involved in patient care, training, research and others. Therefore the over all goal of the EMF is to help health professionals base their practice on solid information and knowledge to promote rational use of medicines.

The second edition of the Ethiopian Medicines Formaulary (EMF) is hereby revised based on the latest developments in the fields of medicine and pharmacy. The second edition of the EMF contains all the medicines included in the 6th edition and its supplements of the Ethiopian Medicines List (EML). The EMF contains key information on medicines which are essential for medicines good prescribing, dispensing, adminstration and use. It tries to address demands of all medicines prescribers, dispensers and others who are involved in handling and use of medicines.

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