Assessment of Needs in Information on Pharmaceutical Availability and Prices - Kyrgyzstan
(2015; 39 pages)


At the outset of independence, the pharmaceutical sector of the Kyrgyz Republic experienced transition from centralized management towards liberal market. The liberalization was virtually the only solution to ensure access to medicines because the domestic production provided less than one twentieth of the public requirements. That move had objectives to provide people with decent quality medicinal products, and to create and develop the pharmacological market.

Those objectives were successfully achieved, as nowadays:

  1. the prices of most medicinal products are regulated by market relations;
  2. several pharmaceutical companies are operating in the country;
  3. about 3,000 pharmacies are operating in the country;
  4. there is an obviously wide variety of medicinal products available; and iv) extent of government’s intervention in the market is minimal.

At present, Kyrgyzstan is facing the lack of a single system for collection data on prices and availability of medicinal products. Studies in this area are costly and of cross-sectional nature. This study aimed to find out whether there is a need in a single information system on prices and availability of medicinal products and whether there is practice of collecting such data.

This report reviews the existing systems of tracking prices of medicinal products, the public views over the monitoring system of prices, and the informants’ proposals on how to shape the monitoring system of prices in the Kyrgyz Republic. This paper adds value by summarizing the outputs of the first consultation meeting with key business organizations, non-governmental organizations, and public institutions working in the field of pharmaceuticals in Kyrgyzstan.

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