Quality of Medicines Multi-Stakeholder Forum. Kampala, May 2015 - Uganda Medicines Transparency Alliance (MeTA)
(2015; 19 pages)


Medicine Transparency Alliance (MeTA) is a multi-stakeholder alliance of governments, development partners, private sector and civil society working to improve access to medicines through information disclosure in the health care market place. MeTA works at national and international levels to improve flow of information and increase transparency and accountability about selection, regulation, procurement, sale, distribution and use of medicines.

Although quality of medicines is everyone’s responsibility, it is a problem that affects the entire country and therefore is best managed and delivered when the community participates. Hence MeTA, in conjunction with Ministry of Health, convened a multi-stakeholder’s forum to discuss the quality of medicines under the theme “Improving Public Confidence in the Quality of Medicines in Uganda (QoM)”.

The objective of the meeting was to share information related to quality of medicines and to seek multi-stakeholder engagements to improve the quality of medicines in Uganda.

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