Annual Pharmaceutical Sector Performance Report 2013-2014 - Uganda
(2015; 45 pages)


The 2013/2014 report for the pharmaceutical sector comes out at a time ahead of the 2015 deadline for the remaining implementing period for the NPSSP- II. As the report shows, the Uganda pharmaceutical sector has made considerable progress towards achieving its goal.

The report highlights achievement of four out of thirty two key pharmaceutical indicators, progress is on track for twenty indicators and the rest either not achieved or remain unreported. The number of areas where the progress is unreported hinders efforts to monitor and guide decision making. We hope that this report can provide a platform to address planning, realign strategies and policies to focus on priority areas, mobilize resources and efforts to accelerate progress and set new priorities to guide the remaining implementing period and the update of the national medicines policy in order to achieve the objectives by 2015 and forward.

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