National Pharmaceutical Sector Strategic Plan III, 2015–2020 - Uganda
(2015; 72 pages)


The third National Pharmaceutical Sector Strategic Plan 2015/16-2019/20 (NPSSP III) has been developed to support the implementation of the National Medicines Policy (NMP) 2015. The NPSSP III was developed through wide consultations with diverse stakeholders including representatives from the private sector, academia, development partners, civil society and all relevant government institutions. The development process was led by a task team set up by the Pharmacy Division of Ministry of Health (MoH) supported by a team of consultants seconded by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The development of both the NMP and NPSSP were informed by the second National Health Policy 2010 (NHP II) and the Health Sector Development Plan (HSDP) 2015-2020. Over the coming strategic period, the health sector intends to extend health services with the aim of progressively achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) with essential services, using a Primary Health Care approach. This will involve re-definition of the minimum health care package to ensure that all essential services are included, coordinated investments are made across the entire health system, and the referral system strengthened.

The NPSSP III, in addressing issues such as the medicines supply chain, financing, pricing and appropriate use, will contribute to ensuring that the package of health commodities that are required to deliver essential health services to achieve UHC are accessible to all Ugandans. The Pharmacy Division will be at the forefront of ensuring that Ministry of Health provides strong leadership and effective coordination of all sector activities. In line with the aspirations of the entire health sector, implementation of the NPSSP III will be underpinned by a focus on good governance, quality of care, equity and efficiency.

The NPSSP III provides a roadmap for the sector’s contribution to national health goals by defining the key interventions to be undertaken over the next five years within the framework of the NMP. With this plan partners and stakeholders involved or interested in supporting pharmaceutical service delivery, have a comprehensive guide to systematically address pharmaceutical sector priorities.

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