National Medicines Policy, July 2015 - Uganda
(2015; 44 pages)


The National Drug Policy of Uganda was first published in 1993. It was updated in 2002 to include new strategies to guide implementation and reflect legislative changes. The changes in the access to medicines landscape over the past decade have prompted Ministry of Health to revise the policy in 2015.

The development of this National Medicines Policy (NMP) 2015 has been informed by the second National Health Policy (NHP) 2010, the Health Sector Development Plan (HSDP) 2015– 2020, the current state of the pharmaceutical sector and global health discourse particularly the post-2015 sustainable development agenda.

The NMP 2015 was developed through a highly consultative process involving Ministry of Health (MoH), other Government ministries, regulatory agencies, academia, professional associations, Health Development Partners (HDP), district health departments, central medicines warehouses, private-not-for-profit sector (PNFP), private sector, and civil society.

The goal of the NMP 2015 is the progressive realization of the highest attainable standard of health by Ugandans, by ensuring access to, and appropriate use of good quality, affordable essential medicines and health supplies. The NMP underscores three important principles of quality of care, equity and efficient utilization of available resources. The NMP shall focus on supporting the achievement of Universal Health Coverage; increasing funding for medicines; strengthening partnerships and collaboration for health; and on increasing the capacity of Ministry of Health and district health departments to undertake their respective roles for full policy implementation.

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