Health Technology Assessment Manual - Malaysia
(2015; 89 pages)


This manual is the first manual relating to Health Technology Assessment (HTA) in Malaysia designed as a tool for HTA practitioners and use in teaching. This manual presents updated and new scientific methods and approaches to HTA. It deals with not only the context of HTA namely: safety, efficacy / effectiveness, economic, organizational, ethics, social, and legal aspects but also with the steps in the HTA process. Within the health system, the need for planning and decision-making based on evidence is increasing. For HTA practitioners, this means HTA results could be supplied within a relatively short production time – but without jeopardizing the quality. The formulation of this manual is intended to promote timely production and to further improve the quality of the HTA reports. This manual is aimed at anyone who takes part in planning and production of HTA reports and / or who seeks HTA to be carried out, namely health professionals, political and administrative decision-makers, interest groups, researchers and others who want to adopt an HTA approach.

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