WHA18.42 - Adverse Drug Reaction Monitoring System. WHA resolution; The Eighteenth World Health Assembly, 1965
(1965; 2 pages) [French] [Russian] [Spanish]

  1. REQUESTS the Director-General to study further the requirements of an international programme for the collection, analysis, and dissemination to Member States of information on adverse drug reactions;
  2. INVITES Member States to develop as soon as possible national monitoring systems for adverse drug reactions, with a view to taking part in an international system under the aegis of WHO;
  3. REQUESTS the Director-General to examine the offer of the United States of America and of any other governments of data processing facilities as a part of an international monitoring system for adverse drug reactions, and to report on the matter to the Nineteenth World Health Assembly; and
  4. THANKS the Government of the United States of America for its offer.
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