WHA24.56 - Quality, Safety and Efficacy of Drugs. WHA Resolution; The Twenty-fourth World Health Assembly, 1971
(1971; 2 pages) [French] [Russian] [Spanish]


Further considering the necessity of devising the most efficient ways for the Organization to carry out this responsibility,

  1. COMMENDS the increased emphasis in the programme of the Organization, and the work being done, on pharmacology and on the control of drugs;
  2. REQUESTS the Director-General, keeping in mind the need for an overall approach to such matters, to study how best the Organization can cope with its obligations in this domain and expand its activities as required, and to report thereon to the Executive Board at its forty-ninth session and to the Twenty-fifth World Health Assembly;
  3. REQUESTS the Director-General to consider the creation of a system of collection and dissemination of information on results of safety and effectiveness trials of new drugs and on their registration in countries having the necessary facilities, for possible use of these data by the health authorities of countries importing pharmaceutical products; and to report on the feasibility and financial implications of such a system to the forty-ninth session of the Executive Board and to the Twenty-fifth World Health Assembly; and
  4. FURTHER REQUESTS the Director-General to publish a list of countries where the State authorities responsible for the quality control of drugs recognize and implement the requirements for " Good Practices in the Manufacture and Quality Control of Drugs " and the certification scheme on the quality of pharmaceutical products moving in international commerce as recommended by the Twenty-second World Health Assembly in its resolution WHA22.50.
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