Malaysian National Medicines Policy (MNMP). 2nd edition, 2012 / Dasar Ubat Nasional (DUNas), Edisi Kedua, 2012
(2013; 74 pages)


The Malaysian National Medicines Policy (MNMP), which was endorsed by the Malaysian Cabinet in October 2006, is the way forward for the nation to ensure good medicines management for better health outcomes of all Malaysians. The mid-term review of the policy was done in July 2009 followed by the full-term review in October 2012. This second edition of the MNMP is a documented review of the policy after five years of its implementation. A review and revision of the original policy is essential to address important issues and identify areas for improvement, incorporating changes where necessary to meet the current and future health care needs of the nation.

The objective of the National Medicines Policy remains the same that is to promote equitable access and rational use of safe, effective and affordable essential medicines of good quality to improve health outcomes of the people.

The five years of policy implementation has shown tremendous positive outcomes and transformation such as establishing a comprehensive regulation system, strengthening of the laws and regulations, creating a robust pharmaceutical industry as well as developing an extensive pharmaceutical distribution network. However, certain areas still require further improvement and strengthening, embracing new ideas while still maintaining the existing policy objective.

The introduction of new policy statements and strategies are vital for the pharmaceutical and health sectors to move forward and to provide for the present needs of the nation, as well as to improve and support existing government policies in line with current global developments.

The four core components and four supporting components of the original policy have been reorganised. The Quality, Safety and Efficacy as well as Quality Use of Medicines components are maintained. The Medicines Availability and Medicines Affordability components are combined into one component entitled Access to Medicines to prevent overlapping of strategies and issues. Human Resources Development, Research and Development and Technical Cooperation components are incorporated into one component named Partnership and Collaboration for the Healthcare Industry. A new component concerning governance in medicines is introduced into this revised policy.

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