Medicines Transparency Alliance Global Meeting 2014. Meeting Synthesis
(2015; 48 pages)


MeTA was established in 2008 in seven countries: Ghana, Jordan, Peru, Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, Zambia, and Uganda. The aim of the programme is to improve access to affordable, quality essential medicines by improving transparency and accountability in the medicines supply chain. Transparency and accountability are recognized as important factors for improving governance and they are central to the hypothesis of MeTA for improving access to medicines. In addition, the hypothesis emphasises that evidence based, multi-stakeholder policy dialogue will lead to better policy making.

The initiative was piloted in 2008-10 and is now in its second phase, MeTA Phase 2 which is taking place during 2011-2015.

The global meeting for countries participating in MeTA was organized to share experiences and to develop a deeper understanding of the strategies and practices that have been successful in improving transparency and accountability in the pharmaceutical sector.

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