Medicines Promotion: Assessing the Nature, Extent and Impact of Regulation in the Philippines. Pilot of the HAI / MeTA Tool
(2015; 130 pages)


Medicines are important in the management of diseases. Its beneficial use is optimized when patients consume drugs with appropriate composition, dose, timing, and with the least possible cost. Since rational use of drugs could be a function of physicians’ prescribing behavior and patient compliance, it is important that physicians, pharmacists and patients receive information about medicines that is accurate, unbiased, and with clear description of risks and benefits.

However, without a consistent, reliable and accessible source of independent and non-promotional information on medicines, health care providers and consumers tend to utilize the much readily available information from the pharmaceutical industry. The industry though is inherently conflicted between the health goal of producing medicines and the business goal of achieving profits. This creates a case for government to regulate information about medicinal drugs that get passed on to prescribers, dispensers and consumers.

The general objective of this study is to develop country-specific policy recommendations on medicines promotion to ensure adequate and effective regulation that will promote rational drug use.

To achieve this objective, this study aims to specifically:

  1. Provide a detailed overview of the current regulatory structure for medicines promotion in the Philippines;
  2. Assess the effectiveness of pharmaceutical promotions regulations and recommend measures to improve implementation and enforcement;
  3. Identify gaps in the medicines regulatory framework which need to be addressed; and
  4. Assess the effectiveness of the HAI/MeTA methodology as a tool to determine the scope of medicines regulation and enforcement mechanisms in the country setting.
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