Standard Treatment Guidelines for General Hospitals. Ethiopia, Third Edition, 2014
(2014; 707 pages)


Irrational use of drugs has been one of the major problems in the Ethiopian health care system for a long time. Among the strategies devised to improve the situation, Medicine, Food and Healthcare Administration and Control Authority (FMHACA) of Ethiopia, was involved in the preparation and distribution of Standard Treatment Guidelines (STGs) for the different levels of health institutions in the country.

This third edition addresses common health problems in Ethiopia and it includes several new diseases as well as brief description of the diseases condition, clinical features, methods of investigation and non-pharmacologic and pharmacologic treatment options.Information on dosing, dosage forms, course of treatment, adverse reactions, contraindications and drug interactions are given for the first line and alternative drugs whenever applicable. Diseases have been classified into cardiovascular disorders, endocrine disorders, gastrointestinal tract and liver disorders, hematologic disorders, infectious diseases, kidney and genitourinary tract disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, neurological disorders, oncology, psychiatric disorders, respiratory disorders, emergency conditions, pediatric disorders, gynecology and obstetrics, dermatological disorders, sexually transmitted infections, ophthalmological disorders and ear, nose and throat disorders.

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