Transaction Prices for Antiretroviral Medicines from 2010 to 2013: WHO AIDS Medicines and Diagnostics Services: Global Price Reporting Mechanism: Summary Report December 2013
(2014; 20 pages)


The present summary report contains information on the price of antiretroviral drugs, abstracted from the Global Price Reporting Mechanism (GPRM). The GPRM contains information on transaction prices, sources and quantities of antiretroviral medicines (ARVs) purchased by HIV/AIDS programmes in low-income countries, lower middle-income countries and upper middle-income countries. All data used in this summary report are available in the GPRM database.

The public interface of the database provides information on the quantity of drugs purchased, according to formulation, country or group of countries, and their estimated Ex Works (EXW) transaction price. An additional interface enables the downloading of data on individual procurement transactions, the price and the INCOTERMS under which the transactions were conducted.

This summary report is intended to provide the pricing data of key ARVs to governments, nongovernmental organizations, donors, international organizations, academia and individuals or institutions directly involved or interested in the procurement of ARVs in resource-poor settings.

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