Polices on Disclosure, 2014 - Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
(2014; 16 pages)


The government of Jordan considers the pharmaceutical sector as a crucial part of health system, and is fully committed to continuously assessing and identifying areas of improvement and functions. As part of this quest for excellence, MeTA Jordan is developing strategies to promote greater transparency and accountability regarding policies, practices, and outcomes in the pharmaceutical sector. They have committed to disclosing, analysing, and using over time data in the following four core areas:

  1. Medicines registration and quality assurance
  2. Availability of medicines
  3. Price of medicines
  4. Policies and practices concerning the promotion of medicines.

The technical committee discussed the Information Categories and Possible Data Sources based on MeTA Jordan disclosure status of pharmaceutical sector scan. The committee collected all information related to the pharmaceutical sector including: studies, guidelines, lists, requirements, processes, standard operating procedures, members of national committees; and produce recommendations to make them publically available in an accessible & transparent way...

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