National Medicine Policy 2014 - Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
(2014; 30 pages)


This document provides a comprehensive framework for development of all components of the national pharmaceutical sector for the coming ten years including monitoring and periodic review, and sets appropriate goals for all pharmaceutical sectors, both public or private, taking into consideration all stages of dealing with the medicine like medicine procurement, manufacture, prescription, dispensing, and regulations, and it defines the national goals and objectives for the pharmaceutical sector, and set priorities.

The objectives of the policy are:

  1. To ensure the availability of safe and effective medicines at the lowest possible prices for the population which meet approved standards, specifications, in accordance with genuine health needs and accompanied by a sufficient and reliable information to the prescriber and user;
  2. To ensure efficient and effective drug management in the public and private sectors;
  3. To promote the rational use of drugs by prescribers, dispensers and consumers;
  4. To promote the local pharmaceutical manufacturers technical, productive and marketing capacities for making it competitive for local and export markets;
  5. To ensure that all drugs in the national drug distribution system are safe, efficacious, effective and of good quality;
  6. To strengthen administrative, legislative, and regulatory controls of the importation, manufacture, procurement, storage, distribution, supply, sale and use of drugs;
  7. To ensure a mechanism for the systemic collection and analysis of data on the use, medical need, performance (safety, efficacy and adverse drug reactions) and quality of medicines in the market;
  8. To promote operational research for the effective implementation of the National Drug Policy; and
  9. To enlist government commitment at all levels for the achievement of the goals and objectives of the National Drug Policy and to consider this policy as an integral part of the National Health Policy.
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