Computerized Maintenance Management System. (WHO Medical Device Technical Series)
(2011; 41 pages) [Chinese] [French] [Spanish]


As health facilities expand and the number of medical devices they depend on to provide quality health care increases, a need to manage health-care technology more effectively and efficiently becomes evident. A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is a tool that can improve overall medical equipment management at the facility level. The information included in a CMMS varies depending on the individual situation but always includes the medical equipment inventory and typically includes information such as service history, preventive maintenance procedures, equipment and performance indicators, and costing information.

A CMMS is made up of fields, tables and modules populated with data from the clinical engineering or medical equipment department of a given facility. Using a CMMS, critical data can be accessed, manipulated and analysed using user-friendly interfaces. Reports can be generated from the system to help policy-makers reach decisions regarding health technologies. However, it is important to take into consideration multiple factors when deciding to adopt and develop a CMMS. Factors such as financial and technical resources are important when determining whether to purchase a commercial product, use open-source software, or to develop a system locally. Implementation requires proceeding through a number of phases that will allow the system to be planned comprehensively. By completing this multistep process, the options for deployment will be thoroughly evaluated; a suitable package will be selected, installed and customized; data will be entered; and training on the CMMS will be provided.

For organizations with the appropriate resources to implement this tool, CMMS can be very beneficial. It is a highly flexible tool that when properly implemented has the ability to transform the management of medical equipment while also improving the availability and functionality of the technology required to prevent, diagnose and treat illness.

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