WHA58.33 - Sustainable Health Financing, Universal Coverage and Social Health Insurance. WHA Resolution; Fifty-eighth World Health Assembly, 2005
(2005; 2 pages) [Arabic] [Chinese] [French] [Russian] [Spanish]


REQUESTS the Director-General:

  1. to provide, in response to requests from Member States, technical support for strengthening capacities and expertise in the development of health-financing systems, particularly prepayment schemes, including social health insurance, with a view to achieving the goal of universal coverage and taking account of the special needs of small island countries and other countries with small populations; and to collaborate with Member States in the process of social dialogue on health-financing options;
  2. to provide Member States, in coordination with the World Bank and other relevant partners, with technical information on the potential impact of inflows of external funds for health on macroeconomic stability;
  3. to create sustainable and continuing mechanisms, including regular international conferences, subject to availability of resources, in order to facilitate the continuous sharing of experiences and lessons learnt on social health insurance;
  4. to provide technical support in identifying data and methodologies better to measure and analyse the benefits and cost of different practices in health financing, covering collection of revenues, pooling, and provision or purchasing of services, and taking account of economic and sociocultural differences;
  5. to provide support to Member States, as appropriate, for developing and applying tools and methods to evaluate the impact on health services of changes in health-financing systems as they move towards universal coverage;
  6. to report to the Fifty-ninth World Health Assembly, through the Executive Board, on the implementation of this resolution, including on outstanding issues raised by Member States during the Fifty-eighth World Health Assembly.
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