WHA59.24 - Public Health, Innovation, Essential Health Research and Intellectual Property Rights: Towards a Global Strategy and Plan of Action. WHA Resolution; Fifty-ninth World Health Assembly, 2006 (Arabic version)
(2006; 4 pages) [Chinese] [English] [French] [Russian] [Spanish]


REQUESTS the Director-General:

  1. to convene immediately the intergovernmental working group and to allocate the necessary resources to it;
  2. to invite, as observers at the sessions of the intergovernmental working group, representatives of non-Member States, of liberation movements referred to in resolution WHA27.37, of organizations of the United Nations system, of intergovernmental organizations with which WHO has established effective relations, and of nongovernmental organizations in official relations with WHO, which shall attend the sessions of the working group in accordance with the relevant Rules of Procedure and resolutions of the Health Assembly;
  3. to invite experts and a limited number of concerned public and private entities to attend the sessions of the intergovernmental working group and to provide advice and expertise, as necessary, upon request of the Chairman, taking into account the need to avoid conflicts of interest;
  4. to continue to issue public health-based research and development reports, identifying from a public health perspective gaps and needs related to pharmaceuticals, and to report on them periodically;
  5. to continue to monitor, from a public health perspective, in consultation as appropriate with other international organizations, the impact of intellectual property rights and other issues addressed in the Commission’s report, on the development of, and access to, health care products, and to report thereon to the Health Assembly.
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