Local Production and Technology Transfer to Increase Access to Medical Devices. Addressing the Barriers and Challenges in Low- and Middle-income Countries
(2012; 154 pages)


The overarching goal of this report is to bring together the views of diverse stakeholders from the fields of public health, industry, academia and other relevant sectors, to explore viable pathways to stimulate adaptive strategies to increasing access to medical devices.

The report offers an overview of the current global medical device market, in which only 13% of manufacturers are located in LMICs. A landscape analysis on local production and technology transfer shows that local production potentially offers a cost-effective pathway to improving access to health care and medical devices. However, in settings where innovations are not economically viable, high costs of production may serve to hinder local innovation and development and, in turn, limit their ability to meet local health care needs.

The report analyses local production of medical devices in five countries: Brazil, China, Ethiopia, India and Jordan, and provides examples of successful local enterprises in each of these countries we well as government efforts to promote an enabling environment. Ten specific medical devices are also assessed to offer insights into the opportunities and challenges that local producers face.

In order to document local production barriers, a survey was conducted and collected responses from 47 countries. Survey questions included aspects of product development, technology transfer, policies and partnerships, regulations and intellectual property rights, funding and financial mechanisms. Statistical analysis revealed key barriers of poor governance, weak regulations and policies, high capital costs, lack of properly trained staff, and insufficient information on medical devices to guide rational procurement decisions.

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