Teaching Rational Drug Use: An Experience in India. Essential Drugs Monitor No. 012 (1991)
(1991; 1 page)


This article written by four professors in India outlined their successful efforts to educate medical interns on rational use through a three day workshop. Their focus on public education began when they published the first edition of “The Complete Family Medicine Book” in 1978 to provide drug information to the general public. The fifth edition was released in 1990. In 1986, the professors began a rational use curriculum with interns for two hours, four days per week. It consisted of lectures and discussions with faculty members from various departments. By the third week, attendance dwindled because the interns felt the course was too theoretical. This motivated the professors to reconstruct the programme into a practically oriented two-day workshop, which was later extended to three days. The interns gave more positive feedback once this change was made. Other educational initiatives that the professors created include a manual for training interns on the essential drugs concept and rational use, a workshop for teachers to train interns, and a workshop for practitioners. According to the article, the expansion of programmes to teachers has led to other institutions creating their own rational use workshops in places like Milan, Tokyo and Stockholm.

Abstract written by M. Tobin, 2013.

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