Myanmar Develops National Drug Policy. Essential Drugs Monitor No. 010 (1990)
(1990; 1 page)


This article describes the first National Drug Policy Meeting in Myanmar, led by Minister of Health Dr. U Pe Thein. In his opening remarks he stated that based on the WHO guidelines, the Government decided to develop a national drug policy within the context of the Myanmar Essential Drugs Programme. The Trade, Labour, Planning and Finance, Industry and Cooperatives Departments were included to produce an interdisciplinary sharing of ideas and issues. The meeting had two main outcomes: a draft national drug policy document, and recommendations for priority action. The recommendations called for improving supply, retail outlet registration, drug registration, regulatory control, pharmacy training, rational use, local production and legal enforcement. According to participants, the meeting was productive and beneficial for the nation and parties involved.

Abstract written by M. Tobin, 2013.

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