Peru: a Major Drive to Rationalize Treatment of Diarrhoea. Essential Drugs Monitor No. 010 (1990)
(1990; 1 page)


Two public health officials contributed an article on the rationalization of childhood diarrhoea treatment. National surveys indicated that the use of oral rehydration treatment (ORT) is low and the use of pharmaceuticals is high in this population. However, using pharmaceuticals is potentially harmful and more expensive than ORT. A workshop held by PAHO/WHO in Lima was held in November 1989 to draw attention to this problem through discussions with researchers, health professionals, international agencies and health activist groups. One key point from the workshop was that doctors and mothers typically know the benefits of ORT, but are drawn to using pharmaceuticals for the speed of recovery. Since the workshop, the Ministry of Health of Peru organized a series of pediatric seminars on the correct treatment of diarrhoea for doctors and nurses, as well as forums for medical students in conjunction with a local health activist group. The workshop report is being used by the National Pharmacists Association as a working document to diminish inappropriate prescribing of pharmaceuticals for childhood diarrhoea.

Abstract written by M. Tobin, 2013.

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