Estimating Malawi’s Drug Needs. Essential Drugs Monitor No. 008 (1989)
(1989; 1 page)


A group of 11 Malawian pharmacists and other health professionals met with WHO staff to quantify the drug needs of Malawi. The group used morbidity data and draft treatment schedules to calculate the amount of drugs needed in 1987, then multiplied that quantity by 1.08 for the expected 4% annual increase in consultations. The resulting number was the estimate of drugs needed for 1989. The group completed ABC data analysis as well as Defined Daily Dose calculation. The main recommendation from the group was to improve data collection methods to make future data more useful. Additionally, it was suggested that data collection, rational prescribing and diagnostic skills be more heavily emphasized in curricula for health workers’ education. The article contains a list of future steps for implementing both of these recommendations. At the time of the article, Malawi planned to repeat this exercise in one year.

Abstract written by M. Tobin, 2013.

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