Pathfinding in Kenya. Essential Drugs Monitor No. 001 (1985)
(1985; 2 pages)


The feature article in Edition 1 of the Monitor is an interview with Dr. Wilfred Koinange, Director of Medical Services in Kenya and a member of WHO’s Executive Board. In the interview, Dr. Koinange discussed Kenya’s system of essential drug supply to rural areas. Before the new system, district hospitals were meant to distribute drugs to health centres and dispensaries. However, they would use the drugs for themselves before distribution, and the rural areas would end up with nothing. The new system was meant to correct this. Under the new system, Dr. Koinange explained that “ration kits” are centrally packed and distributed directly to the consuming health centre or dispensary, and the kits have enough essential medicines for 3,000 patients. Furthermore, he added that there is no wastage or spoilage because of the limited number of drugs and the careful calculation of which drugs to include. Dr. Koinange emphasized the success of the strategy but noted that problems still exist in the district hospitals with drug distribution, ordering and prescribing. However, he stated because 85% of Kenyans live in rural locations, focus was first concentrated on those areas.

Abstract written by M. Tobin, 2013.

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