Americas TCDC Evaluated. Essential Drugs Monitor No. 003 (1986)
(1986; 2 pages)


The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) evaluated cooperation among Latin American countries in various health fields. The overall outcome in the areas of pharmaceuticals and essential drugs was highly positive. Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico have begun collaborative efforts with Spain in trade, industrial production, and information exchange. Caribbean nations have also proposed to rationalize and harmonize their drug production. Regarding drug procurement, the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) were scheduled to receive over US $3 million to establish systems for tendering and drug procurement. The Caribbean Drug Testing Laboratory and the network of drug control laboratories throughout Latin America have been successful at controlling drug quality in the region. Results were less positive for drug pricing; PAHO found the prices of imported pharmaceuticals fluctuated widely. The PAHO also noted that Brazil and Colombia have an emergency supply of yellow fever vaccine; these vaccines can be shipped to any country in the region within 24 hours. Several countries also have the necessary equipment for testing viral vaccines. (Abstract by Flannery Bowman, 2013)

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