UNIPAC Drug Procurement - Prices down by 50%. Essential Drugs Monitor No. 002 (1986)
(1986; 1 page)


The UNICEF Procurement and Assembly Centre (UNIPAC) began in 1953 as a branch of UNICEF responsible for the procurement and distribution of equipment for projects supported by UNICEF, various governments, and development agencies. As a result of its work, the international prices of essential drugs and vaccines dropped by 50% from 1980 to 1985. For example, UNIPAC supplied US $40 million of essential drugs and vaccines in 1985; the same quantity of drugs would have cost approximately US $68 million in 1980. The Centre’s work also includes producing the Indicative Price List for all medicines on the WHO list of essential drugs and vaccines, expanding its suppliers to include more pharmaceutical companies from developing nations, and maintaining high quality control standards. The Centre’s facilities are also used for the procurement of medicines on behalf of governments. At the time of the article, the World Health Organization was working with UNIPAC to raise US $23 million to help the neediest countries pay for reimbursable purchases on delivery. (Abstract by Flannery Bowman, 2013)

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