Standard Operating Procedures Manual for State Drug Stores - India
(2008; 89 pages)


One of the most important components out of five components of RNTCP is the uninterrupted supply of drugs. To ensure this, the National Programme has established a good monitoring system, which needs to be further improved. A good system is extremely important, allowing for rapid assessment of progress and problems so that timely corrective actions can be taken.

The mammoth task of ensuring the uninterrupted supply of drugs to the whole country is currently being managed by Central TB Division but with a view to decentralize activities, CTD requested States to establish State Drug Stores to facilitate management of logistics. The advantage of decentralizing the complex drug logistics management to the State will result in improved micro-management of drug inventory within the State & access to more current information on drug availability & requirements etc.

As on date, 27 States have already established 35 State Drug Stores, which are now fully operational. The SDS Manual will help the States in effective & accurate monitoring & reporting of drug logistics which in turn would help in ensuring the uninterrupted supply of drugs.

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