IMPACT International Medical Products Anti-counterfeiting Taskforce. The Handbook. Facts, Activities, Documents Developed by the Assembly and the Working Groups, 2006-2010
(2011; 164 pages)


Counterfeit medical products are a major publich ealth risk for all communities. Responding to the growing public health crisis of counterfeit drugs, in February 2006, the World Health Organization launched the International Medical Products Anti-Counterfeiting Taskforce (IMPACT), a partnership comprised of all the major anti-counterfeiting players, including international organizations, non-governmental organizations, enforcement agencies, pharmaceutical manufacturers associations and drug and regulatory authorities.

IMPACT provides the opportunity to discuss matters which fall within the Terms of Reference and, where appropriate, to formulate proposals and recommendations to be adopted through a consensus-based approach and made public. Such proposals and recommendations and working plans do not commit the participating governments, organisations, institutions, agencies and associations in any way, but constitute a reference for guidelines, official policy or other action, as appropriate.

This handbook resumes the activities and the history of the task-force, through the documents published since the 2006 “Declaration of Rome”: terms of reference, Q&A on the IMPACT activities, and a summary of working papers by each Working Group...

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