Health Financing in Ghana
(2012; 196 pages)


This report reviews Ghana’s health financing system, with a special emphasis on its National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS). The study also undertakes for the first time an extensive international benchmarking analysis, assesses the financial protection/equity of the system at both the macro and micro levels, and analyzes Ghana’s fiscal space in the wake of its reclassification as a lower-middle-income country in November 2010.

The report is particularly important because Ghana is often considered an example of global "good practice," as it is one of only a handful of emerging market countries in Africa to actively start implementing universal health insurance coverage by providing formal coverage to its vulnerable population groups. The report is also timely, in view of a recent critique of the NHIS (and a call to abandon it in favor of a national health service) as well as the publication of several new and updated sources of information on total health spending, inputs, outcomes, household spending, and the macroeconomy.

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