Management of Severe Malaria: A Practical Handbook - Third Edition, 2013
(2013; 87 pages) [French] [Spanish]


Malaria continues to be a major health problem in many parts of the world. Delay in treating malaria, especially P. falciparum – the species of the parasite that is the main cause of the severe forms of the disease – may result in rapid deterioration in the patient’s condition, together with the development of a number of life-threatening complications.

This handbook is an updated edition of the Management of Severe Malaria, providing new and revised practical guidance on the diagnosis and management of severe malaria. After outlining the general nursing care needed by these patients, it considers in turn the possible complications, including coma, convulsions, severe anaemia, hypogylcaemia, and pulmonary oedema, and gives specific and concise advice on their management. While intended primarily for clinical professionals and other responsible health staff for clinical professionals and other centres with inpatients facilities in malaria-endemic countries, it will also be of practical use to physicians in non-endemic areas, who are increasingly having to deal with patients infected during visits to malarious areas.

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