Guide to Global Fund Policies on Procurement and Supply Management of Health Products, June 2012
(2012; 18 pages)


The purpose of this guide is to inform those carrying out a program that is financed through a Global Fund grant of the policies and principles that govern the procurement and supply management of health products financed by the Global Fund. The grant agreement governs the legal relationship between the Principal Recipient and the Global Fund and the provisions of this guide set out legal obligations that are applicable to the procurement of health products financed out of the grant funds as provided for under the terms of the grant agreement. As defined in the grant agreement, “health products” includes:

  1. pharmaceutical products;
  2. durable and non-durable in vitro diagnostic products, microscopes and imaging equipment;
  3. mosquito nets; and
  4. consumable/ single-use health products (including condoms, insecticides, therapeutic nutritional support, general laboratory items and injection syringes), which are financed out of grant funds...
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