Odluka o odredjivanju o Liste lijekova koji se propisuju i izdaju na teret sredstava Fonda za zdravstveno osiguranje (Decision on the List of Drugs to be Covered by the Montenegro Health Insurance Fund), 2011
(2011; 36 pages)


On the basis of Art. 19 and 91 in the Law on Health Insurance ("Official Gazette of RM" no. 39/04) and Article 12 of the Statute Republican Fund for Health Insurance ("Official Gazette of RM" no. 70/05), the Administrative Committee Fund health insurance at the meeting held on 23.12.2011. passed the decision to define a list of medicines that can be prescribed, issued and charged to the fund for health insurance.

Article 1

List of drugs that are prescribed and issued at the expense of the Fund for health insurance. This has been designed for compulsory health insurance (here in after: List of drugs) indicated by this decision as follows...

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