Barbados National Drug Formulary (BNDF). A Guide to Rational Prescribing. Thirtieth Edition, 2011-2012
(2011; 508 pages)


The Barbados National Drug Formulary attempts both to provide general guidelines on prescribing, and set out indications, cautions/side effects and dose ranges. The prescriber is asked to pay particular note to the sections on prescription writing and variation in dose response. These sections are followed by notes on the special situations requiring dose modification including adverse effects and drug interactions. Emphasis is placed throughout these sections and the Product Listing with Recommended Dose Ranges on the need to tailor doses to the individual patient.

It is of greatest value to young doctors, but also to every prescriber who needs to use a drug for the first time, to check general guidelines, major cautions and side effects or dose ranges. It is also an educational tool for pharmacists, nurses and other members of the health care team.

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