Pharmaceutical Situation in Barbados: World Health Organization (WHO), LEVEL II Health Facility and Household Surveys, February, 2011
(2011; 92 pages)


An assessment of the pharmaceutical situation was undertaken in Barbados between October, 2009 and July, 2010 using a standardized methodology developed by the World Health Organization (WHO). The goal of the assessment was to evaluate the pharmaceutical situation in Barbados. The specific objectives were to provide data to measure outcomes on affordability and availability of key medicines, geographical accessibility of dispensing facilities and rational use of medicines, as well as some indication of the quality of medicines at health facilities and pharmacies. These data would provide evidence on whether the pharmaceutical policy is achieving its goals.

The Pharmaceutical Situation Level II study has two components: a health facilities survey and a household survey, both based on indicators. In the first component, data relating to pharmaceutical policy outcomes are gathered from public and private pharmacies and warehouses that supply public facilities. The second data comes from a questionnaire applied at the household level.

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