National List of Essential Medicines of India, NLEM 2011
(2011; 127 pages)


The National list of essential medicines is one of the key instruments in balanced healthcare delivery system of a country which inter alia includes accessible, affordable quality medicine at all the primary, secondary, tertiary levels of healthcare. Realizing this GOI, MOHFW decided to have its own essential medicines list. The first National List of Essential Medicines of India was prepared and released in 1996. This list was subsequently revised in 2003. To address the issues of changing disease prevalence, treatment modalities, introduction of newer medicines and identification of unacceptable risk benefit profile as well as therapeutic profile of some medicines, the GOI, MOHFW considered the need for updating the NLEM.

Revision of NLEM was also based on the two important national reference documents i.e., Indian Pharmacopeia 2010 and National Formulary of India, 4th Edition, 2010. While the former deals with the standards of identity, purity and strength of medicines the later provides the information on rational use of medicines particularly for healthcare professionals. In order to revise the NLEM 2003, a core committee was constituted vide order no: 12-01/ Essential Medicines/ 08-DC dated 6th July 2010 GOI, MOHFW...

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