PhAMA Code of Conduct for Non Prescription (OTC) Products - Malaysia
(2008; 7 pages)


Self medication has been the first line of defence in health care since the origin of man. Self medication when used properly, plays an important role in the country’s total health picture. Through the use of nonprescription, over the counter (OTC) medicines, appropriate self medication provides relief of symptoms and treatment of ailments and injury without medical supervision. It is the responsibility of the pharmaceutical industry to manufacture and market OTC pharmaceutical products that are safe, effective, of good quality, reasonably priced, truthfully advertised and labelled to help consumer understanding. The members of PhAMA and ipso facto the pharmaceutical industry have a dual responsibility. They have a business responsibility to provide good quality, safe and effective OTC medicines and also a social responsibility to advertise truthfully and promote their products to the consumer. This Code will also apply to health supplements but excludes traditional medicines, cosmetics and medical devices.

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