Strengthening Pharmaceutical Innovation in Africa. Designing Strategies for National Pharmaceutical Innovation: Choices for Decision Makers and Countries. Final Study Report: Revised After Review by the Extended Technical Committee on the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plan for Africa
(2010; 116 pages)


This study and the resulting initiative, Strengthening Pharmaceutical Innovation in Africa, come at an important moment in the development of pharmaceutical innovation strategies in Africa and in achieving access to essential medicines for all in Africa.

Two landmark agreements for research and medicines production in Africa have been reached. The Global Strategy on Public Health, Innovation and Intellectual Property is a mechanism signed by 192 countries that calls for increased investments for research and production of medicines that are needed by countries, to be coordinated by them. The Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plan for Africa, adopted by the Summit of the African Union in 2007 is the basis for a more coordinated approach to local medicines production– based on countries’ needs.

These agreements and other developments set the foundation and a long-term political agreement for the planning and financing of medicines research and production on the African continent. At the same time, much work remains to be done to make national and regional pharmaceutical and health innovation a reality for our countries. Countries need to better understand their current situation, their potential for engaging in local research and medicines production and they need to develop strategies to do this.

This report and tool mark the starting point of an initiative innovation in Africa. It started with a study and practical reflection between countries on what is needed to provide better access and encourage local production of medicines in Africa. It was reviewed and revised by the Extended Technical Committee on the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plan for Africa incorporating the core committee of member state representatives and other experts in health and health policy, science and technology, trade and industry and pharmaceuticals – in Pretoria in February 2010. The initiative, its study and pharmaceutical innovation tool, have been endorsed by the African Ministerial Conference on Science and Technology (AMCOST) at its meeting in Cairo in March 2010.

The regional dimension will have an important place in this process. As an African vision and agenda for pharmaceutical innovation emerge, the Regional Economic Communities will have an important role to play, both as catalysts and "multipliers" to build consensus, and move the plan forward by coordinating member countries...

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