Emergency Human Resources for Health Plan, Ministry of Health & Social Welfare 2007- 2011 - Liberia
(2007; 34 pages)


Human Resources for Health (HRH) is a priority issue and constitute the most important resource of the health system as the Health system is labour-intensive. HRH accounts for a substantial proportion of the health sector expenditure - 80% recurrent Budget in most countries. This has therefore become more imperative for Liberia, where efforts are being made by the Government and the health sector to improve the health status of all Liberians after about a 14-year conflict period. According to WHO (2005), although much has been written on the different aspects of post-conflict reconstruction of Health Services, little attention has been given to the effects of conflicts on the Health workforce and its implications on post-reconstruction of Health services. In recent years despite increasing recognition of the importance of HRH, and the participation of many agencies in the post-conflict reconstruction of countries, approaches and inputs have rarely been documented. As a result, there has been virtually no use or dissemination of lessons learnt leading to perpetuation of ineffective approaches and missed opportunities to effect change.

In spite of the foregoing, the Health sector of Liberia is trying to provide essential health care that is affordable and accessible to families and communities in line with Millennium Development Goals following from the Health–for-All policy for the 21st century in the Africa Region: Agenda 2020, in the 1978 Alma Ata declaration. In this direction, rehabilitations, expansions and establishment of old and new health facilities to cater for the health needs of its people, in the wake of its declining economic and human resources are on-going.

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