Disclosure Status of Pharmaceutical Sector Data. Part of Component 1 of the MeTA Baseline Assessments. Zambia, June 2010
(2010; 36 pages)


Zambia like other MeTA pilot countries is developing strategies to promote greater transparency and accountability regarding policies, practices, and outcomes in the pharmaceutical sector. A survey looking at four areas; Medicines registration and quality assurance; Availability of medicines; Price of medicines, Policies and practices concerning the promotion of medicines, was conducted. Data was collected using a disclosure tool.

For each core area, disclosed information should cover policies – the laws and regulations that are in place; practices – suggested procedures to follow and actual practices; and results – achievements in the core area. The objectives of describing the current disclosure status of information in the core areas are to:

  1. enable the Zambia MeTA Council to prioritize potential activities to facilitate progressive disclosure over time; and
  2. create a baseline against which changes in transparency and disclosure during pilot implementation can be measured.
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