Eritrean National Medicines Policy, January 2010
(2010; 33 pages)


Medicines constitute one of the essential components of health care delivery system in promoting health, preventing and managing diseases. Inappropriate use of medicines can be harmful and has medical, social and financial implications. Inadequate supply of essential medicines leads to treatment failure and loss of confidence in the health care system.

On this basis, the Ministry of Health developed the National Medicines Policy in 1997 to guide the pharmaceutical sector in the areas of quality assurance and regulation, supply management, manufacture, monitoring and evaluation. Since then, the policy has been an important tool in the effort to implement the Ministry’s vision of ensuring the availability of safe, effective and affordable medicines for the whole population of the country.

This edition was developed with the aim of addressing some of the gaps that were identified with the previous one. In order to ensure a coherent and a multi-sectoral platform for achieving the main goal of the national medicines policy, the document was developed in consultation with all the stakeholders in the pharmaceutical sector.

This document shall therefore remain the official policy to guide the pharmaceutical sector in Eritrea.

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