List of Medicines for Ethiopia. Sixth Edition, September 2010
(2010; 152 pages)


Pharmacotherapy has always been an integral part of health care system and will remain so in the future. This relies on the availability of safe, effective and affordable medicines with the required quality, in reasonable amount. Moreover, on the rational prescribing, dispensing and use of such medicines.

Ethiopian drug policy ensures that medicines which are required for prevention, diagnosis, treatment, mitigation and rehabilitation of diseases affecting the majority of Ethiopian people have to be identified and classified to respective levels of health service delivery.

The List of Medicines for Ethiopia is hereby revised for the sixth time in light of the above principle and the latest developments in fields of medicine and pharmacy. By taking the new three-tier health care delivery system into consideration, the sixth edition of the National Medicines List of Ethiopia will be further categorized. Hence, users of this medicines list are advised to refer to the respective sub-lists relevant to their level of services.

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